Southern Wedding Traditions 

Living in the south, well, it’s a lifestyle. We like our tea sweet, our chicken fried, and our football in the SEC (okay, maybe the ACC too, but that’s it!). Southern weddings bring a whole new twist to locations, style, drinks, decor, and a LOT of traditions…

Burying the Bourbon

One of my favorites! Folktales state if you bury a bottle of bourbon upside down at the site of your ceremony one month prior to the wedding, you won’t have rain on your wedding day. Even better than that, after the ceremony you get to dig that bottle up and enjoy it with your new spouse and guests. Cheers!


A true southern belle has at least one strand of pearls passed down from her great, great grandmother, and it’s only pulled out for special occasions. And of course there’s no greater occasion than your own wedding day! Whether a bride wears pearls as earrings, a necklace, bracelet; on her bouquet or her garter, the pearl possibilities are endless. You can have them practically everywhere in your decor as well: on the cake, the centerpieces, even hang them from the ceiling! No matter your choice, it’s a southern sight to behold.

The Food

As stated earlier, us southerners like our chicken best when it’s fried, and it’s no surprise we like to have it at our wedding too! But we don’t stop the sumptuous wedding food at our chicken. Whether it’s a Shrimp & Grits bar, a Low-Country Broil, Carolina Barbeque, 7 different kinds of mashed potatoes, or even just some plain mac and cheese, you are sure to never leave a southern wedding feeling hungry (or like you haven’t just gained 10 lbs.)


The south is a very hot and humid place to be, especially for spring/summer weddings, but there is no stopping us from having our ceremony outside in a garden, a plantation, or on our white sandy beaches. Parasols help keep us (at least slightly) cool by giving shade to not only the bride but also the guests. They are also a very popular item if you’re in New Orleans and taking part in a Second Line celebration.

Monogrammed Linens/Handkerchiefs

A tradition that simply “marks the day” for the wedding/bridal party by having linens and handkerchiefs monogrammed. These are especially handy for those heart wrenching moments in the ceremony, as well as a popular thing to wave around in a Second Line.

Groom’s Cake

When one thinks of a wedding, they think of the bride in a long white or ivory dress, probably the bar, and maybe some dancing — but of course, you can’t have a wedding with only the bride! Groom’s cakes rose in popularity as a way for the groom to have a little more attention on the wedding day. The cake is typically a surprise for the groom and is decorated to reflect his style and personality. Popular themes can include sports teams, colleges, video games and hobbies — really anything to represent the groom a little more on the big day.


The drinks served at weddings are nothing short of southern with their flare! Whether it’s a Mint Julep in Kentucky, or a little New Orleans with a Hurricane, even Gulf-South with a Bushwhacker, there’s always something to quench your thirst. Bourbon neat isn’t a stranger either, nor is spiked lemonade if that’s more your taste. All we know is that you’ll sure enjoy what you’re drinking…especially with the more you have!

Bridal Portraits

Back in the day you had to have a good amount of money to be able to afford a photographer to be at the actual wedding. Therefore, bridal portraits were really the only way to remember the bride from that day in all her beauty. The portraits were usually hung and displayed in the bride’s parents’ home, which still stands true to this day.

Light Colored Menswear

We are well aware of how great a man looks in a well-fitted tux — don’t even get me started! However, have you ever stood on the beach in the middle of May in one and survived to tell the tale? Not the greatest experience as it’s simply too hot to require that sort of attire for the men. Hence the trend of wearing tan, khaki, and light grey suits instead of black or navy blue was born.

From jewelry to drinks to food and beyond, these traditions tell us one thing that’s for certain: There’s nothing like a wedding in the south!

~Blog by Courtney