October 2017

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Adding Substance To Your Ceremony

Some tips to lengthen a short ceremony

Did you know, the average wedding ceremony (non mass/full religious service style) lasts on average approximately 7-15 minutes? Just let that set in for a second… You spend somewhere in the realm of $600-$2,000 on the church/chapel/venue; $300 on the Officiant; roughly $1,500 on bouquets/boutonnieres & floral decor; $400 on musicians; and even roughly $250…

Danielle & Diego

Friday, May 19, 2017

Diego & Danielle Costa-Giani are possibly one of the cutest, happiest, and most fun-loving couples you will ever meet. The moment Danielle sat down with us in our wedding studio, she spoke about how excited she was to marry the man of her dreams and move to Italy with him. How they met is a…

Southern Wedding Traditions 

Living in the south, well, it’s a lifestyle. We like our tea sweet, our chicken fried, and our football in the SEC (okay, maybe the ACC too, but that’s it!). Southern weddings bring a whole new twist to locations, style, drinks, decor, and a LOT of traditions… Burying the Bourbon One of my favorites! Folktales…