Paul at P.S. Weddings is nothing shy of a miracle worker. I was never the girl the dreamed of her wedding day her whole entire life so when it came to wedding planning… I really didn’t know what I wanted at all. Paul asked a lot of questions (possibly read minds) and came up with the most incredible design for our wedding ceremony and reception that was exactly what I would have wanted had someone told me to dream big. Sky is the limit with Paul– he pulled off a wedding that looked triple what we paid! People left the wedding saying it was the best wedding they had ever been to… Everything flowed smoothly, the reception was arranged beautifully, the band was fun, food was great, it was a fairytale of an evening. If you want to enjoy your wedding day and have an event everyone will remember… You need Paul Silivos! Xoxo-Emily Martin Rogers



The single best decision I made during my wedding planning process was using Paul as our wedding coordinator. Not only is he extremely personable, he is knowledgeable about all of the wedding vendors in town which helped us tremendously. We had a low budget and a big guest list which I was originally very nervous about, but Paul was able to help us weigh our options and was so patient when I asked my millions of questions. Because of him, we were able to have the wedding of our dreams UNDER our given budget. It was a huge benefit for us that Paul also works for Nancy’s Haute Affairs, who we used for our catering. He helped us pick out a menu that had everything we wanted and it was so delicious! Planning an event can be so stressful and Paul made it as simple as possible- he is the best!



Teresa Jones was amazing! Teresa did our day of coordination and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She was always helpful and felt more like a friend than a planner. I am so happy with the way everything went. She made sure everything went smoothly and worked out any kinks that occurred. My mom, dad, groomsmen, bridal party and fiancé all loved her! Annalise was her assistant for the day of and she was awesome too. They both just fit right in and felt like family 🙂 Thanks Teresa



We were in amazing hands with Paul. He went above and beyond to make sure our wedding went smoothly and was an incredible source of knowledge and expertise around wedding planning, catering, and logistics. He has years of experience and has worked on all types of weddings; he really listens to get a sense of what the couple wants and helps them have the wedding of their dreams as well as having loads of good suggestions and ideas. Definitely go with PS Weddings!



Any bride that has things to do other than planning a wedding should hire Paul. We were so lucky that he was available on our wedding date with short notice. We felt completely safe handing over most of the details and decision making to just let P.S. Weddings do their thing, and everything turned out better than I imagined! If I could do it over, the only thing I would change would be to bring them in sooner!



I couldn’t have gotten through my wedding day stress-free without the help of Paul. I used him as a “day-of-coordinator” so that meant we met several times before the wedding and he was there from start to finish on my wedding day. I had issues with the coordinator at the Country Club, she made a few things more difficult as far as planning and keeping our menu in her records. So having Paul there was absolutely necessary, he had every detail laid out and didn’t forget anything. He even was there to bring me a drink during the reception when the CC staff forgot about me. It was the best money we spent (besides my ridiculously gorgeous dress!) and I would recommend anyone to use him to take the stress off of the bride. Unless your mother or maid of honor is going to take 100% responsibly for all aspects of your wedding and not be able to enjoy everything, I would hire Paul.



I interviewed three different planners, and two of them were really…..girly girly, for lack of a better word. They were all about my colors and the “feel” of it and I had no idea about those details, I just needed help staying in my budget and wrapping my head around the logistics. Paul was the last wedding planner I met with and he pulled out a pen and paper and walked me through a timeline and wrote out a budget. He spend over an hour with me, and besides feeling like he got what I had in mind for the day, he and I just really hit it off. Best decision, (besides marrying Tom!), that I made about the wedding. Paul was amazing. He went above and beyond. He had a level of customer service and detail that was hard to find in the other planners. He stayed focused on the budget, the logistics, and kept all the details in line. He gave great advice about vendors (specifically our photographer and DJ and musicians) and came up with a solution for our funky timeline. He saved us so much money – he negotiated a great price for our social hour, fixed countless errors with the country club, came to our final tasting, answered so many phone calls and texts, took calls from our parents, was the first one there and stayed till the very end – putting Tom and I in an uber with a bottle of Dom because our shuttles were full. I literally did not worry about anything on my wedding day because I knew Paul was there and he would handle anything that came up. And things did come up! Crazy wind and rain, missing trolleys, a great aunt fell out of a trolley, and some groomsmen took a golf cart for a joy ride. Did I know or worry about any of this? Hell no. All I focused on was marrying the love of my life and having a great time at my reception. And as an added perk, Paul is just a really fun guy to work with – he managed to make me laugh and put me at ease. He was my safety net and he allowed me to focus on Tom and our day.



Hiring Paul with P.S. Weddings was the best wedding decision we made. All of the hard work and planning Paul and his team did for us (both before and on the wedding day) truly allowed us to enjoy or wedding day and not have to worry about one single thing. Our day was absolutely perfect! My parents loved that they didn’t need to worry about any little things on the wedding day – it made a huge difference! We had never planned a wedding before (a place most people are in before they get married!) so having someone guide us through the process, make sure we didn’t forget something, and make it all come together perfectly was priceless. I can’t recommend P.S. Weddings enough!