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Pets & Weddings

How to Incorporate Your Best Friend into Your Big Day

In most families these days, pets are no longer relegated to the backyard as secondary citizens. Instead, they have become true family members, and in most cases, feel more like our furry children than like a fun toy or accessory. Because of this shift in mentality, more and more couples are looking for ways to…

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Indoor vs. Outdoor Considerations

You just got engaged, celebrated at your engagement party, and now what? Where do you begin? One of the biggest steps in the right direction is determining where you will have the wedding and reception. This is going to be your first step down the aisle, and will help you in determining what to do…

Wedding Invitations

What to Include, When to Send, & Everything Else You Need to Know

The wedding planning process has begun. You have a date confirmed, a venue booked, and a guest list in place. Now, you need to get the word out to all of your guests! Like most aspects of wedding planning, invitations can be incredibly simple or outrageously ornate. And while individual tastes vary widely on the…

The Perfect Beach Wedding

Tips to Host Your Ideal Ceremony by the Water

Both natives and visitors alike know Florida for its gorgeous beaches and warm weather. Therefore, when getting married here, many couples opt for the gorgeous back drop of our local white sand beaches and clear blue waters. And while the beach makes for the most amazing of ceremony settings, there are several tips to keep…

Wedding Catering Options

How each style of service can affect your planning

When thinking through the wedding planning process, most couples immediately identify food and menu as an integral part of the wedding reception. However, the style of service for that menu can have an even bigger impact on the actual flow of events and the overall feel of the wedding. Whether providing your guests with a…

“Unplugged” and “Plugged-In”

How these commonly used terms might apply to your wedding

It’s undeniable that today’s culture lives on the internet — especially on social media. More than ever we can share every thought, moment, and experience with anyone online. As a result, wedding guests have the urge to live-stream the ceremony on Facebook, or attempt to snap photos of the first kiss, and not truly be present….