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Changing Your Last Name

Some quick pointers when taking your partner's name

After your wedding, you may decide to take the last name of your partner…but how does this process even begin? First, it is not nearly as daunting as many think. Let’s begin by throwing out a common myth: No, you do not need a lawyer! There are several name change services out there that make…

Adding Substance To Your Ceremony

Some tips to lengthen a short ceremony

Did you know, the average wedding ceremony (non mass/full religious service style) lasts on average approximately 7-15 minutes? Just let that set in for a second… You spend somewhere in the realm of $600-$2,000 on the church/chapel/venue; $300 on the Officiant; roughly $1,500 on bouquets/boutonnieres & floral decor; $400 on musicians; and even roughly $250…

Southern Wedding Traditions 

Living in the south, well, it’s a lifestyle. We like our tea sweet, our chicken fried, and our football in the SEC (okay, maybe the ACC too, but that’s it!). Southern weddings bring a whole new twist to locations, style, drinks, decor, and a LOT of traditions… Burying the Bourbon One of my favorites! Folktales…

Military Weddings

A Wedding Planner Plans Her Own Military Wedding

There are many different types of weddings: from elopements, to interfaith weddings, to destination weddings, same-sex weddings, double weddings, you name it; each with their own loopholes, details and arrangements to be made before the big day. As a recently engaged wedding planner, I have just entered into the military wedding category, and let me…

Planner, Coordinator, or something in-between?

When it comes to intricate details of complex events, there are few things more satisfying than knowing that everything has been perfectly organized and will be flawlessly executed.  This is especially true for something as important as your wedding day.  Some couples choose to take on the planning and coordinating themselves or perhaps allow a close friend…

Here’s to the Toast!

Our Thoughts on the Wedding Toast

  If you ask anyone to name a few traditions that occur at a wedding reception, the toast will always be among the first. Toasts are a special way to honor the bride and groom as the people who know them best get to put into words their thoughts and feelings for the new couple….