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Planner, Coordinator, or something in-between?

When it comes to intricate details of complex events, there are few things more satisfying than knowing that everything has been perfectly organized and will be flawlessly executed.  This is especially true for something as important as your wedding day.  Some couples choose to take on the planning and coordinating themselves or perhaps allow a close friend…

Here’s to the Toast!

Our Thoughts on the Wedding Toast

  If you ask anyone to name a few traditions that occur at a wedding reception, the toast will always be among the first. Toasts are a special way to honor the bride and groom as the people who know them best get to put into words their thoughts and feelings for the new couple….

Go Ahead and Look!

Thoughts on the 'First-Look'

Most modern couples wholeheartedly embrace the romantic, age-old traditions that have been handed down through generations.  Exchanging of rings, being given away by their parents, having a ‘first-dance’: these and many more traditions are still part of the vast majority of weddings in the 21st century. However, one of the most well-known and emotionally climactic…

The Fake-Exit

What is the ‘fake-exit’ that you might have heard about?  And should you consider doing it?

The grand-exit of the bride and groom is a final farewell by wedding guests as the newlyweds leave the reception to spend their first night together as a married couple.  Traditionally, rice or birdseed was thrown on the exiting couple; although many modern weddings utilize other items such as sparklers, streamers, bells, bubbles, confetti, or…