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Elizabeth & Kevin

April 13, 2019

Elizabeth and Kevin’s love for one another is immediately apparent upon spending any time at all with the two of them together. You can see it in their eyes and feel it in how they interact with one another. They’re sweet, thoughtful, and loving to one another in a way that quickly indicates that they…

Madison & Everett

March 30, 2019

If you’ve ever tried to picture the perfect weather for a wedding day, then you’ve been thinking of March 30, 2019. The bride and groom – Madison & Everett – couldn’t have chosen a more ideal day for their outdoor wedding if they’d tried. With dreamy views of the water, a team of amazing vendors,…

Dana & Shawn

January 26, 2019

From our very first meeting with Dana and Shawn through the last dance at their reception, they were one of the most laid-back, easygoing, and loving couples that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their affection for one another was obvious; and, their love for their friends and family members was also on full…

Leslie & Brett

December 29, 2018

Leslie and Brett’s wedding day on December 29, 2018 was one to remember. Beginning with a beautiful ceremony (complete with sword arch) and ending with a night of nonstop dancing, every moment was detailed and personalized to this special couple.  While the forecast called for rain all week, Mother Nature was on our side, resulting…

Kayli & David

November 17, 2018

Kayli & David’s wedding day was an absolute dream from start to finish. If there was a recipe for wedding planners to build the perfect celebration, this day would have included all of the ideal ingredients: a sweet, loving, hilarious couple, a gorgeous venue, an eager wedding party, two devoted families, beautiful weather, and a…

Bobbi & Jeremy

October 7, 2018

Bobbi and Jeremy are a couple like no other. They are genuinely sweet, easygoing, obviously head over heels about one another (and their daughter Aubrey), and fun-loving. Basically, they’re everything you could ever want in a couple, and assisting with their wedding day was both a joy and an honor! On their beautiful wedding day,…