Go Ahead and Look!

Thoughts on the 'First-Look'

Most modern couples wholeheartedly embrace the romantic, age-old traditions that have been handed down through generations.  Exchanging of rings, being given away by their parents, having a ‘first-dance’: these and many more traditions are still part of the vast majority of weddings in the 21st century. However, one of the most well-known and emotionally climactic…

The Fake-Exit

What is the ‘fake-exit’ that you might have heard about?  And should you consider doing it?

The grand-exit of the bride and groom is a final farewell by wedding guests as the newlyweds leave the reception to spend their first night together as a married couple.  Traditionally, rice or birdseed was thrown on the exiting couple; although many modern weddings utilize other items such as sparklers, streamers, bells, bubbles, confetti, or…

Marina & Gabriel

March 5, 2016

Marina and Gabriel’s March Fifth wedding was full of classical elegance. From their first look at the Crown Plaza and beautiful Mass at St. Michaels Basilica, to a bursting party at Palafox Wharf, the day was full of Marina and Gabriel’s personal touches. Marina and Gabriel are the picture of a couple surrounded in heritage,…

Blair & Donnie

January 23, 2016

Blair and Donnie’s wedding weekend was one near and dear to our hearts. Staged at the always-stunning Lee House, Blair and Donnie’s entire weekend was bursting with love, excitement, laughter, and family. Between Blair’s impeccable organization and her incredibly involved family, the details flowed seamlessly. After an evening ceremony at Old Christ Church, Donnie and…

Kristi & Eric

November 14, 2015

With perfectly executed details ranging from personalized lawn games and swoon worthy décor to an Alabama garter and gourmet dinner stations, Kristi and Eric’s wedding was truly a day to remember. After getting to know Kristi and Eric, it is no surprise that their fun loving, genuine spirits would carry over into their special day….

Kinsey & Ian

November 1, 2015

A torrential downpour courtesy of tropical storms pounding the coast, threatened to bog down Kinsey and Ian’s early November wedding. However thanks to a little creativity and a few evasive maneuvers, the day went swimmingly (pardon the pun). Everything about their special day gleamed with Kinsey’s endless creativity. An elegant affair from top to bottom,…